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YachtBook is the only marine specialist modular software solution that can serve the entire yachting industry. If you own a yacht or work in or with the yachting industry, you will need YachtBook

Our web and app based modular solutions will set the industry standards, positioning us as category leaders worldwide.

Our team members are technology and marine industry veterans, committed to providing market leading smart solutions for all participants in the industry.

We are currently accepting seed investment. Please email us to request the Deck Pitch or contact us to speak to a member of our team.



YachtBook was conceived as an idea by Toby Gibson (CEO) during his time as a yacht captain. Having worked in both the Charter industry and with private yachts he realised this was an industry that desperately needed a software solution to connect and manage an ever more complex process. 

The yachting industry has grown rapidly in the last decade. YachtBook is the first ever platform to support and "enable' this growth. It will have the functionality to serve every player in the industry securely and seamlessly.  

There are around 24 million registered boats and yachts worldwide; considering the related service businesses, we estimate there are 30 million potential users for our platform globally.  Additionally we estimate around 45 million people are charter guests annually.

To date only limited software solutions exist. These are mostly aimed at superyachts.  The YachtBook platform will provide one complete solution connecting all the players.  This simply doesn’t exist for the entire industry to date. We don’t aim to compete with any other sector (except the software sector) in the industry in fact we will ‘enable’ all the players. 

We aim to become THE global yacht platform that everyone will use. 

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SaaS - software as a service. Internet a


Easy. Fast. Secure. Seamless

We develop market leading software SaaS aimed specifically at the marine industry and provide market specific integrated services. 

The YachtBook platform connects all the players in the marine and greater marine industry. It also provides them with interconnected leading software solutions for the management of yachts and yacht related businesses. 

Our modular approach enables us to offer services specific to our client's needs, making it relatively inexpensive. The software is designed to save time, money, reduce errors, enhance user experience and add value to businesses. 

We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build will have a significant impact on the management and operations in the industry. 

Owners • Managers • Fleet Mangers • Crew • Charter Guests • Agents • Brokers • Suppliers • Surveyors • Insurers

 • Contractors • Recruitment • Marinas • Authorities


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln



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